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I have always enjoyed stories where humans get transformed into something or someone else. Trolls changed into stone in The Hobbit, an elf princess changed into a tree in The Elfstones of Shannara, a doctor changed into a terrible and formidable green beast-man in the Incredible Hulk. There is something supremely frightening and terrific about this concept. The above examples are not given to compare the triumph of a story under a review to them, but to show how using this idea of a person changing so drastically can be used with much success. This is the case here, where the kids exploring Flattop Hill dare Florence to enter it's harrowing palace of doom. Proving more courageous than her taunts, she does just that. Encountering beasts and spooks of unique variety along the way, she winds her way to the top of the house where the resulting encounter with an otherworldly entity transforms her in a wonderful? Or horrible? Way. That is the beauty I found within these pages, as they seem to leave it to the reader to decide whether Florence's final outcome was good or not. Was it a relief for her to be transformed or a prison sentence for daring to travel to the heights of the forbidden mansion?  The picture illustration style found here recalls echoes of Poe's greatest daydreams and nightmares. 

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Kenneth Kit Lamug: The Stumps of Flattop Hill (One Peace Books, 16 March 2016). ISBN 978-1935548867, RRP £13.50


ISBN# 978-1935548867, Hardcover, 40pages, Language: English, Dimensions: 9" x 7"

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